It’s 15 clicks from Griffith, NSW. If Yenda is known for anything, it’s what we don’t have and don’t miss that makes it really something. No traffic, no rat race, no crazy schedules. Out here we have the time to do great things and we couldn’t think of a better way of life.

It’s the simple things that matter and that’s how we like it. Just barley fields, a river and 1503 locals on first name basis with John the butcher.

And it just so happens some of us locals are award winning brewers…
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Barossa, Tassie, Mudgee- all famous for great food and drinks. But the Riverina region is giving them a nudge. Yenda and surrounds were soldier settlements- blocks of land given to diggers to harvest food.

At the end of the day after harvest, you cant beat a cold beer. So we spent 3 years in Yenda finding a block of land, 3 months growing some barley and 3 seconds thinking of a name. Yenda Beer. It’s made with local barley, water from the Snowy mountains and by a few good locals.

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Here’s an interesting fact. The Yenda Brewery is located on an original soldier settlement- Farm 1471, Wakley Rd Yenda. We reckon the original farmers would raise a glass to that.

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Our Brews

Nothing much is in our beer. Just 4 simple ingredients- water, malt, yeast and hops. No additives, no preservatives, no shortcuts, nothing else. It’s the nothing else that makes Yenda beer really something else.

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