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The Yenda range

Our beer is made from natural ingredients, water from the Snowy Mountains, barley grown locally and various types of hops. The malts give the beer its body and flavour, the hops give both the aroma and bitterness. No additives, no preservatives, no shortcuts. Nothing else.


Yenda Crisp Lager

The lager style is Australia’s traditional favourite- you’ve probably been drinking it for years. Crisp, thirst quenching and widely popular- perfect for a hot, dry climate. Its got plenty of flavour but not too much bitterness.

Yenda Crisp Lager has subtle citrus aromas, plenty of flavour, fresh, crisp and easy drinking with a light to medium bitterness.

IBU 25

Easy Drinking Crafted Lager


Yenda Pale Ale

Pale Ale is traditionally made with pale malt making it, you guessed it, paler in colour. The term Pale Ale first appeared in the 1700s and referred to beers made from the lighter malt but still with full body and flavour and plenty of hops for bitterness.

Yenda Pale Ale has a tropical fruit and floral aroma from the hops, a full bodied biscuity malt flavour and a medium bitterness.

IBU 25

Clean Crisp & Malty Ale


Yenda Golden Ale

If you're more a lager drinker, Golden Ale is your step into Ales. Like Pale Ales they're lighter in colour but recognised by their more golden colour. Whilst similar to lagers, they’re more zesty and tangy.

Yenda Golden Ale is golden in colour, medium malt flavoured, full of zesty, citrus flavours and not too bitter.

IBU 25

Zesty & Crisp Golden Ale


Yenda India Pale Ale

How did the English get beer across the seas to India back in the day? By boat. And it usually went off before it got there. So some genius added a whole lot of hops in the hope that it wouldn’t go off. The result? It didn’t go off, instead making big bold hair-on-your-chest bitter flavours.

Yenda IPA is our hoppy beer style - deep, golden amber in colour, pine and citrus aromas and full-bodied hoppy flavour.

IBU 55

Full Bodied & Hoppy IPA


Yenda Session Lager

Day relaxing with mates? A mid strength Lager is a refreshing, thirst quenching alternative to heavier, more challenging beers. You can enjoy them for their lower alcohol and their crisp fresh flavours.

Yenda Session Lager is refreshing, not too challenging and 3.5% ABV. It’s not watery, instead brewed longer for a fuller flavour.

IBU 17


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