Our Story

The Yenda History

Yenda. 15 clicks from Griffith.

Did you know that much of Yenda and surrounds were original soldier settlements- blocks of land given to diggers to harvest food? Starting with nothing, it was the diggers pioneering ways combined with grit determination and passion that turned the Riverina into something- Australia’s biggest food bowl. Think citrus, rice, wheat and barley.

The Italians came too, grew some grapes and started making wine. And plenty of it. But at the end of the day, you cant beat a crisp, cold beer. So it took one local family 3 years to build a brewery, 3 months growing some barley and about 3 seconds thinking of a name. Yenda Beer.

Our beer is made with local barley, water from the Snowy mountains and by a few passionate locals and a brewer or two.

Here’s an interesting fact..

The Yenda Brewery is located on an original soldier settlement- Farm 1471, Wakley Rd Yenda. We reckon the original farmers would raise a glass to that.

The brewers have won a few awards along the way and thanks to our partnership with Australian owned distribution company (Amatil) you can get us in bottle shops and pubs across the country. But whilst that is nice to know, it doesn’t really matter. Because out here in Yenda what matters to us is a good dose of mateship and a decent tasting beer to enjoy at the end of the day. We reckon the original farmers would raise a glass to that.